I really enjoy the challenge of helping others find the right path towards healthy living, better choices and happier relationships.  There is help for a broad spectrum of issues and disorders.  A therapist can help you with life issues such as family dynamics, marriage, and life transitions, as well as managing stress more effectively and learning to cope with anxiety and depression.  More serious issues can be identified by a therapist and referred to a qualified psychiatrist for evaluation and medication if needed. 

The energy and dynamics in marriage are so intense that I really enjoy helping couples navigate the growing pains in their relationships.  I have worked with groups, couples, families and individuals across a wide spectrum of challenges, ranging from acute emotional crisis to long term chronic psychiatric issues.

With 43 years of marriage and a solid career as an entrepreneur, therapist and psychiatric hospital director of assessment and out patient clinical services, Kim brings experience and understanding to a wide range of relational and personal issues.  Couples therapy, marriage counseling and premarital counseling are all part of Kim's background as a therapist.  Whether presenting to groups or counseling individuals, he brings a wealth of maturity and experience to relationship repair.

Areas of Expertise

  • Marriage counseling
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Assessing and referring patients with more severe chronic issues

"Please call if you need to discuss challenges in your life.  Listening and providing perspective is what I am trained to do."