Our Counselors

Sharon Volpe Carroll, LPC-Supervisor, MA, MBA, Owner

I believe we are each unique individuals with different paths in life, and that within each of us is the desire to live the life we were created to have.  Often, we have experienced circumstances or made choices in our lives that create resistance or barriers to living fully.  Because I recognize the uniqueness and special circumstances of each of my clients, I tailor my approach in treatment accordingly. [Read more…]


Angelique Hillendahl, LPC-I, M.A.

Emotional happiness and healthy relationships are best defined by each individual. I hold this as a core belief. Thus, my approach to therapy is centered around helping clients to achieve their goals.

I provide a supportive environment to help individuals and couples work through their life transitions and difficult times. I’m flexible and adaptive to the clients and understand their goals are important in therapy. [Read more...]


V. Tricia Miller, LPC, M.Ed.

Our fast paced social culture can be a breeding ground for people experiencing heightened stress and anxiety.  Living in a constant state of worry can be paralyzing, and often prevent us from functioning in our day to day work and personal life.  Counseling can be an empowering, therapeutic, and enriching experience that can change your life. 

For every client that walks through my door, I help ease emotional burdens and provide a safe and special sanctuary for clients to be themselves free of judgement. [Read more…]