V. Tricia Miller, LPC, M.Ed.


Are you seeking a big change in your life?  Is there something or someone that is preventing you from experiencing happiness or joy in your life?  Perhaps, you feel this is out of grasp.  Therapy can be an empowering, therapeutic, and enriching experience that can CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE.  I help clients navigate the most difficult hardships in their life, offer a positive perspective, and support clients in life-changing events.  Above all, the most important part of my work with clients is having a strong sense of trust and building a positive therapeutic relationship.  

For every client that walks through my door, my goal is to help ease emotional burdens and provide a safe and special sanctuary for clients to be themselves free of judgement.  If we can attend to regular checkups for our physical health and even for our vehicle, we should be able to attend to our emotional health—an aspect of health that is often neglected.  As your therapist, I hope to direct you towards a positive and progressive path that will allow you to feel more energized, hopeful, and encouraged to manage the stressors in your life.  

I am an anxiety specialist with a diverse counseling background that has allowed me to work with adolescents and adults over the last thirteen years.  Our fast paced social culture can be a breeding ground for people experiencing heightened stress and anxiety, and living in a constant state of worry can be paralyzing, and often prevent us from functioning in our day to day work and personal life.    In helping clients experience anxiety, I integrate several practices that will help build reduce anxiety and increase resilience over time.  

Outside the therapy room, I am a proud Mom of two boys in Houston, Texas.  I make it a priority to practice regular self-care habits that manage stress, keep me centered, and allow me to live joyfully in the present.  Exercise brings me high levels of energy and positivity as I juggle work and home life.  I also enjoy cooking, traveling, going to the movies, and spending time with my large extended family.  

If you ready to take a step with me and take that first step towards change, schedule your appointment HERE!  

Tricia Miller received her undergraduate degree from The University of Texas and attended The University of Saint Thomas for her graduate degree in Counselor Education.  In her role as a school counselor, Tricia has spent over ten years working with adolescence in secondary education across private, public, and charter school settings.  Her interest working with adults led her to pursue her LPC licensure.  Since 2014, Tricia has worked with adults in private practice who face anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship distress, health issues and significant life changing transitions.  Tricia’s work at The Center for Postpartum Family Health working with expectant and postpartum mothers allowed her a strong foundation for understanding anxiety-related disorders and other maternal mental health issues.  

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